Continued growth and investment by one of Made in Yorkshire’s newest members

Member News

Pennine Industrial has continued to invest in new CNC machinery for its plastic division as well as purchasing several custom-made assembly machines for their Conveyor Chain department even during the uncertainty forced on all of the UK’s manufacturing sector over the last 12 months by Brexit. 

The latest investment in the plastic division increases capacity by about 15%. But equally important is the new 4 axis facility allowing Pennine to manufacture more complex components and manufacture existing parts faster and with less operations. 

Many of the custom machined plastic parts are used in the material handing industry on conveyors, packaging equipment and on agricultural machinery.  However, one of the largest sectors is the Bakery, Meat Processing and Food Manufacturing sector, with components being manufactured in food grade UHMWPE – Nylons – Acetals -PTFE and Poly Carbonate. 

Also stocked in their warehouse in Yorkshire is one of the largest ranges of UHMW Polyethylene Extrusions which give outstanding resistance to both impact and wear. Most of the range is FDA / USDA approved for direct contact with food.

In addition to the standard grades a range of antistatic and lubricated extrusions are available for more demanding applications. 

Pennine Industrial is now in its 51st year of business. Alongside their plastic division, you can find the UKs leading manufacturer of Silent Inverted Tooth Conveyor Chain and Inverted Tooth Transmission Chains. Investment over the last 3 years have added new range of conveyor chains to Pennine’s existing product range. This includes, High Speed Conveyor Chains, a part Stainless Steel Chain and Castle Chain. Both the part Stainless Steel Chain and Castle Chain contribute to reducing thermal shock when high temperature glass comes into contact with the steel surface of the chain. These new ranges of Conveyor Chain are also manufactured at our facilities in Huddersfield.